jueves, 15 de enero de 2009

Bribes in school

So my kids are always asking to go to the bathroom. Usually they disappear for 10 minutes. I almost always deny them permission, except when it looks like they are going to pee their pants. The other day, my 9th grade students were not wanting to do their work. Several asked if they could go to the bathroom. I said no as they could wait 5 minutes to the end of class. When they persisted I said it would cost 5 lempiras. They bargained with me and I conceded to let them go the bathroom for 3 lempiras. I ended up making like 18 lempiras almost a dollar on bathroom passes in the last two minutes of class. With that money I bought prizes for the game I played with my kids.

So I did feel mildly guilty, but not guilty enough. I´ll probably charge them again.

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