martes, 9 de diciembre de 2008

Church Poems

One of the difficulties of not being able to understand Spanish is having to sit through church. It is hard to pay attention when church is in English, and it is almost impossible when its in a language I don't understand.

To cope with the boredom, I scribble out poems. My poem collection has greatly increased because I write at one or two every week. Usually they are about some frustration I had during the past week. This past weekend I was really frustrated with how little I understand and thus my two poems on communication and understanding.

Power of Words
Words—the essence of communication
Words—can warm the soul
Words—can break the heart
Words—can inflame or calm a situation.

Communication—the essence of relationships
Communication—solves the problems
Communication—shares the love
Communication—begins with the lips.

The lips—communicates love with a kiss
The lips—says anger with a frown
The lips—brightens all with a smile
The lips—can send two into a state of bliss.

The words form from the lips and communicate
What the heart has to say.
If there is no understanding then your
Communication will never be okay.

Entiende, yo espero.
The words
Jumble and rumble
Inside my head
Still the meaning
I do not know.

Sounds I recognize
Words I hear
Understand? Nope!

Will I ever
Be able to say
Yo hablo, Yo entendio?

Or will I stay
At the place of
Trying to understand,
My head hurting
From the strain of
Escuchando, piensando
De palabras?

Will my words
Ever come out like
A calm river, instead
Of building blocks

Una dia,

I'm excited that I only have two days of teaching left and then VACATION!!!!