domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

My teaching adventure has begun

My adventure has begun. ☺ When I arrived at the Atlanta airport I had to remove five pounds from my bag but luckily I was able to fit the extra stuff in my pillow except my conditioner which Luke took back. Since I had only slept about 3 hours the night before, I was sound asleep before the plane took off and didn’t wake till we landed in Houston. On my flight to Honduras I again slept most of the way.

Upon arrival I realized that I didn’t have anyone’s number. If no one picked me up I couldn’t call anyone. So I made my game plan that I would take a taxi to the bus station to Comayagua. After waiting about 30 mins for someone to get me I decided it was time to put my plan into action. I changed my money, asked the information lady where the bus was, and started to head out the door. Just at that moment, a lady asked if I was Joy. Thankfully I didn’t have to hassle with the taxi and bus. She had many errands to do in Tegucigalpa and I ended up sleeping for most of it, but we didn’t arrive in Comayagua till 6.

I was shown my room, and then brought to the school so I could call my parents. After that, we got pizza from Dominoes. When I was brought home, I was told work starts at 6:45 in the morning. Bright and early! I went straight to bed and slept till 5:30 when I took a very cold shower and got ready for my day.

I didn’t know that we were going to have to go to each of our classes and introduce ourselves. After doing that, I got my books. I have a huge stack. Then the principal told me that I have two types of lesson planning I had to do and who I bring them to when finished with them. I have a lot of work to do!

The way they arrange classes here is very interesting. The students don’t move from class to class. The teachers do. The schedule is very interesting to. Every day I teach my classes at a completely different time. It’s pretty confusing. Monday I know my first class is 8th grade lit. but after that I don’t remember and they took the schedule back. I’m planning on spending the whole Sunday on lesson planning and organizing.

After work I went to Claudia’s house. We then went shopping for food. We left eggs cooking since we weren’t going to be gone that long. There was only one problem. When we got back the other girls were gone and Claudia had forgotten her keys. We sat out side the house getting whiffs of burning boiled eggs. Another teacher drove by and asked why we weren’t at the birthday party. We had both paid 25 lempiras for this birthday party and thought it was Saturday night. So we were bummed that we missed out on food and were still stuck out side the house smelling burnt eggs. Finally, one of the SMs came by and opened the door.

After eating a delicious lunch/supper (it was 4), I came back to my house, took a cold shower, and a nap. Then around 7 I went to a bible study. It was very similar to the how the ACF Friday night fellowship in CO was. We sang songs, and then said what we were grateful for and then studied the Bible. Of course this was all in Spanish so I didn’t understand very much, but it was nice to practice it. I even said what I was thankful for in Spanish. We ended by hugging everyone and then the boys walked the girls home so they would be safe.

Sabbath was spent in church and the eating lunch at the sm’s house. I spent the afternoon regaling them with my travel stories. They think I’m crazy now. ☺ Saturday Night the church came to the pastor’s house to say goodbye. It was one crazy goodbye party. The boys were barking at everything. It was like a house full of crazy dogs. They sang some songs and one was about a horse and who ever was the horse had to bump butts with another person and then they became the horse. It was pretty amusing. Of course, I went to bed early and missed out on the social where the games were played. But it was nine and I was tired. ☺ Of course the girls thought I was crazy for walking home all by myself at night. Maybe I am, the area seems pretty safe to me.

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early and started working on my lesson plans. I got my first day planned quickly. Then spent the rest of the day working on the yearly plan. I can’t do my two-week plan until I get my schedule back and know how many classes and which classes I’m teaching when. Then I can figure out how much I have to cover in two weeks, etc.
Since I didn’t to spend the whole day doing lesson plans, I decided to go for a jog. It happened to start raining just then but just made my run more interesting. I went around the town and got to know it a bit better. I only had one guy ask me if I was married. After I was done running I went to the SM’s house to take a shower since my shower is clogged. What a wonderful shower it was. They have hot water. ☺

My week is about to begin and I’m sure it will be an adventure.