martes, 25 de noviembre de 2008

I´m Still Alive!!!

Sorry for being a deliquent blogger. Much has gone on since I last posted. Edwin Fisher came down to study for his boards and the two of us have had some fun adventures together. We got to spend 4 days at Roatan with the Wilburs, family friends. That was very relaxing and I hated having to come back to school. While in Roatan we took a kayak out to go snorkling and tipped over. We ended up losing Edwin´s mask but after praying about it, we were able to find it and his sun glasses. Another fun event was a scavenger hunt that I hosted. We had to run all over the town doing silly things. My team won. After the game we watch a movie. I had about 20 or more people crammed into my house. It was a great time. Then on Sunday we went to Valle de Angeles. Edwin, Paul and I ended up climbing a mountain. It was great.

To make up for the fact I haven´t written in a long time, I have pictures!!! Thanks to Edwin.

Tired after running to the top of the mountain

Trying to talk to trees

Mis amigos, Claudia and Paul

Edwin, Paul and I at the top

I was hungry

I¨m not drinking don´t worry, I used it for my bug bites!

Watching the sunset

Edwin and I

Lounging under a tree

Riding around with Aunt Jeanette

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